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Digital Audio

First-time SDK Installations


Below are the requirements and steps to use the Nielsen SDK to measure live AM/FM streams in your app or web player. For measurement of On Demand Audio or Podcasts, please see the section for DCR Podcasts in Digital.

  1. Complete the Prerequisites (below)
  2. Register Stations and Metadata
  3. Insert the Nielsen SDK API calls in your web player, IOS app, or Android app. Reference the appropriate Technical Guides below.
  4. Install Nielsen Privacy Requirements
  5. Complete a Production License with your Nielsen Account Representative
  6. Obtain Nielsen Certification (app testing)
  7. Deploy your app using production app identifiers


To start using the Nielsen App SDK, you need the following

  • Data Evaluation License: You will be asked to fill out a license online before being allowed to access the bundles below. Your company only needs to submit this form one time. The download site uses cookies to determine if you have previously completed the form.
  • Nielsen App SDK bundle: downloadable package that includes the SDK library and sample apps available here: Digital Downloads
  • Application ID: Unique ID assigned to your mobile app or player by the Nielsen TAM to track your app. Your app will pass this ID to the SDK API during startup

If you need help with any of these prerequisites, please contact your Nielsen Technical Account Manager (TAM) or your Nielsen account Representative.

Register Stations and Metadata

Submit a list of your applications and station identifiers to your TAM so that he or she can check that the identifiers are registered with the Nielsen Radio Station Database and are in the correct format for your stations to receive complete credit.

SDK Updates for Digital Audio

Nielsen suggests you use the latest SDK version to stay updated with Nielsen defect fixes, manufacturers' security updates, and operating system requirements. Instructions for updating from a previous version of the SDK are here: Updating the SDK to a New Version

Technical Guides

Technical guides provide instructions for inserting the Nielsen SDK API calls in your audio application.

SDK / API OS Guide
Digital Audio iOS SDK
Digital Audio Android SDK
Digital Audio Browser SDK (4.0)
General Reference
Digital Audio Metadata
Digital Measurement Onboarding
Digital Measurement Interruption Scenarios
Digital Measurement Testing
Digital Measurement FAQ