iOS Prerequisites and Implementation Overview

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Before you start the integration, you will need:

Item Description Source
App ID (appid) Unique ID assigned to the player/site and configured by product. Provided by Nielsen
Nielsen SDK Includes SDK frameworks and sample implementation; See iOS SDK Release Notes Download

If need App ID(s) or our SDKs, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help you get started. Refer to Digital Measurement Onboarding guide for information on how to get a Nielsen App SDK and appid.


Version 8 of the Nielsen App SDK will come in three versions. One that is enabled to work with the App Tracking Transparency Framework, another version that does not use the Ad Framework, and a version for Kids Apps or where noID is required.

SDK Flavor Description
iOS Ad Version * Opt-In and Opt-Out functionality managed by the AppTrackingTransparency framework . (Preferred approach)
* The Nielsen SDK will attempt to collect the IDFA (Id for Advertisers) on the device.
* For iOS14+, if the value returned is ATTrackingManager.AuthorizationStatus.authorized.
* If the device is running iOS12 or iOS13, the Limit Ad Tracking setting is requested.
iOS No Ad Framework * Without the Ad Framework, the Nielsen SDK cannot read the IDFA, so it will attempt to retrieve the IDFV.
* The ID for Vendors (IDFV), may be used for analytics across apps from the same content provider.
* The developer is required to present the User Choice Opt Out page which is described in the Privacy Section.
iOS SDK noID * This version of the Nielsen SDK is perfect for Kid apps, or where no ID is required.
* Please review the Opt Out Requirement.

How to obtain the NielsenAppApi.Framework

The Nielsen AppSDK can either be downloaded directly or can be integrated directly within an application through the use of CocoaPods. We recommend using the CocoaPods-based integration whenever possible to ensure you maintain the most recent changes and enhancements to the Nielsen libraries.