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The Nielsen Digital Code Extractor Tool is a stand-alone diagnostic tool that enables transcoding clients to test their pre-encrypted feeds. For developers, the application provides a snapshot of the current functionality of a specific ID3 transcoder. The tool shows the Elemental Data Units (EDUs) for each tag that it detects in HLS content at a URL to which the transcoder is streaming. It also reports the NAES 2 and NAES 6 watermarks that it extracts from the AAC audio-stream component of the HLS stream.

Download & Installation Instructions

1. Complete and submit the

2. Upon Nielsen review, you will receive an automatic email with the download link. Download the installer to your Desktop, or move it there.

3. If a previous version of Nielsen Digital Code Extractor Tool been installed on the computer, uninstall it first.
Note: ensure the program is uninstalled by navigating to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nielsen\" If it is still there, delete it.

4. Navigate to the Nielsen Digital Code Extractor Installer.exe file that you downloaded and cut-and-paste it to your Desktop if it is not already there
Nielsen Digital Code Extractor Installerexe.png

5. Doubleclick the Nielsen Digital Code Extractor Installer.exe It will create a new executable GetMACorUUID.exe on the Desktop

6. Right click the GetMACorUUID.exe icon and select "Run as administrator". A new file, id.bin, will appear on the Desktop

7. Email id.bin to Nielsen will reply with setup file that will apply the custom license to your system setup.exe

8. Double-click setup.exe. Modern Windows Operating systems will typically display a SmartScreen alert that "Windows protected your PC", click "More info"


9. Click "Run anyway"


10. To run the Nielsen Digital Code Extractor Tool, double-click the NDiCE icon

11. Upon confirmation that Nielsen Digital Code Extractor Tool runs properly, you may delete Nielsen Digital Code Extractor Installer.exe, GetMACorUUID.exe, id.bin and setup.exe

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