PCM-to-ID3 Validator

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As part of its strategy to measure audience viewing of content on consumer devices, Nielsen supports or endorses a variety of products that generate Nielsen ID3 tags and insert them into MPEG-2 transport streams.

The Nielsen PCM-TO-ID3 Validator application (referred to as “Validator”) is a diagnostic tool that analyzes Nielsen ID3 tags and helps in troubleshooting problems with applications that generate such tags.

These are three principal ways to use Validator:

  • Process a transport stream (TS) with embedded Nielsen ID3 tags
  • Process an HLS stream with the m3u8 index and transport segments zipped into a file
  • Process a file of encrypted ID3 tags such as the output of the PCM-to-ID3 SDK sample application or the log file of a mobile device that processes Nielsen ID3 tags

Developers who create applications based on the Nielsen ID3 Tag Validator SDK can use Validator prior to sending their test files for transcoder certification.