PCM-to-ID3 Validator SDK

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As part of its strategy to measure audience viewing of content on consumer devices, Nielsen supports or endorses a variety of products that generate Nielsen ID3 tags and insert them into MPEG-2 transport streams. C/C++ developers may use Nielsen ID3 Tag Validator Software Development Kit (SDK) to create applications that monitor ID3 tags and diagnose errors in those tags.

These are just two of the possible uses of applications based on the Nielsen ID3 Tag Validator SDK:

  • The Validator application may process a file of encrypted ID3 tags (for example, the output of the PCM-to-ID3 SDK sample application). In response, the Validator application delivers a summary report that includes a list of checks performed on the stream. Each check is assessed simply as <pass/fail/warning>.
  • The Validator application may process a transport stream with embedded Nielsen ID3 tags. Again, the Validator application delivers a pass/fail summary report. In addition, the SDK delivers periodic reports on the “health” of the ID3 tags included in the stream, where the report interval is configurable.
  • The Validator SDK uses a set of callback functions within a C++ class to deliver both its periodic and summary reports. The callback functions give you (the developer) full control over the format of the reports and the method used to deliver them.