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Clients can utilize the custom extension functionality of the SDK to enable custom reporting. It leverages additional data passed to the SDK during video play back start.

Custom variables are represented as P values. These are included as a part of the C60 URL query parameter.

Note: There are a number of reserved Cx variables used by the core Video Census product. Duplication / corruption of these reserved variables will probably result in the URI being ignored completely by Video Census.

How to setup custom variables

To populate a custom variable, App can update the input JSON metadata to include the additional custom variable. SDK input should be given as a valid JSON.

Below is an example JSON metadata with custom variables.

	    "type" : "content",
	    "assetid" : "ProgramAssetId5_test1",
	    "tv" : "true",
	    "program":"My Program Name",
	    "title":"My Episode Title",
	    "category":"My Category Title",
	    "length" : "3600",
	    "p0":"Test Consignment Part Number",
	    "p1":"Test AD-ID 2",
	    "p4":"Custom Value",
	    "p11":"de-205177_c01_ 1371480336108",
	    "p13":"Orginal air date",

Key variables p0, p1 ….p19 are used for populating the custom variables.

Any data sent in custom variables is URL encoded and encrypted by the SDK. Please consult your Technical Account Manager in case you need to

  • Populate a custom URI variable and NOT have the value URL encoded
  • Use alternate key names.
Tag variable name / numbering parameters VA Custom Variables Description Format Required? Remark Note for implementation
p0 c0 Consignment Part Number String Optional Identifier for individual consignment parts. This variable makes it possible to provide additional information to the reduction of parts of a program.
p1 c1 AD-ID 2 Alphanumeric Optional Additional AD-ID, which can be filled by two / direct marketers.
p2 c2 Web-Only String Optional Y/N or 1/0 This variable allows the identification of offers that are not broadcast in linear television.
p3 c3 Reserved Nielsen Mandatory Optional Actual: RTL Now, voxnow etc.
p4 c4 Free Custom
p5 c5 Page URL String Optional URL of the web. The domain name can be extracted from the Page URL
p6 c6 Reserved Nielsen Optional
p7 c7 Video-ID Alphanumeric Mandatory Unique ID of a content Video Files

( max . Length 200 characters ) Format: ci_vcid_Video-ID Example : de-205177_c01_ 1371480336108 ci: de-205177 separator: _ vcid: c01 separator: _ Video-ID: 1371480336108

Empty in case of advertising and trailer
p8 c8 Length of the Video file Numeric Mandatory Length of the video in seconds Should be rounded to two decimal places. ie 103.34 For Live stream, length is not required
p9 c9 Program Title String Mandatory Max. Length of 255 characters Mapping in the player at

Advertising → empty Trailer → "Trailer" Content → normal title

p10 c10 Publisher String Mandatory "Aggregator" or "owner". Such as ZDF, Smart Clip. If missing , this should be replaced by a string of the domain name Actual: RTL Now, voxnow etc.
p11 c11 AD-ID Alphanumeric Mandatory for Advertising Required if advertising is to be expelled Unique ID of a content Video Files (max. Length 200 characters)

Format: ci_vcid_AD ID Example : de-205177_c01_ 1371480336108 ci: de-205177 separator: _ vcid: c01 separator: _ AD ID: 1371480336108

p12 c12 consignment String Optional Distinguishing criterion for advertising / content for International SDK. Permitted values: "trailer"; "Advertising"; "Content" Sponsored Opener → Advertising

Sponsored Closer → Advertising

p13 c13 Original Air Time Timestamp Optional Seconds Specifically broadcast beginning of linear TV broadcast of this television format. Allows connection to the transmission protocol of the TV research panel Required if no format ID is delivered
p14 c14 Schedule time Timestamp Optional As an alternative to the original airtime, if this cannot be delivered. Allows connection to the transmission protocol of the TV research panel, though there plan period will be delivered
p15 c15 Format-ID Alphanumeric Optional As an alternative to the original plan and airtime. Format ID also enables the identification of offers that were not broadcast in linear television. VSN (E-number), if available, otherwise blank. In advertising usually empty
p16 c16 Content-ID Alphanumeric Optional Holds different videos together to form a substantive category, be made where geblidet in a separate process in the production availability Hein characteristics. Content ID is supplied both for content as for promotional use. Ex .: AGOF Code With trailer / Advertising / Content: AGOF Code of Play Buttons
p17 c17 placement String Optional Placement information for advertising. Currently forms: pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, Other
p18 c18 LiveStreaming Text (Yes/No) Mandatory
p19 c19 Other String Optional Comment field with free text

Sample ping including custom variables