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Updating certified player

When updating player to newer version that might affect Nielsen SDK implementation follow below steps :

1) Inform us

the client is obliged to inform the realisator (Nielsen Admosphere, a.s.) about this fact - see Reference manual - Appendix 20.

2) Enable DEBUG mode

for Browser and HbbTV : add debugMode - see Czech Video Browser SDK - Step 2.

var nSdkInstance = NOLBUNDLE.nlsQ("appid", "instanceName", {debugMode"});

for Mobile apps : add DEBUG into SDK Initialization Code - see Czech App SDK - Step 2.

.put("nol_devDebug", "DEBUG");

3) Switch to test AppID (optional)

You can either use your current production AppID or request test AppID for re-certification phase. We strongly recommend 2nd option.

Using production AppID for testing purposes might have following consequences:

  • No posibility to distinguish production data from test data
  • Test data will appear in Kite analytics software and will be visible to all clients with the proper usage rights
  • Traffic from testing might affect data calculations
  • Errors in tested implementation might negativelly affect implementation data

4) Provide player for re-certification

For Browser and HbbTV players : Please place new version of your player to test Url and send us link for re-certification.
For mobile application : Please create new app package and provide it to us for re-certification.