DTVR Pre-Certification Checklist

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App Pre-Certification Checklist

The purpose of this document is to provide instruction on determining if your implementation of Mobile Digital TV Ratings (mTVR) App is ready to be submitted for certification. This document provides you the ability understand what is expected after implementation and before submitting to Nielsen. After all checks in this document are completed and passed, your Technical Account Manager (TAM) will further assess the implementation’s readiness for certification.

Before You Start

Check-off each box to ensure that your App has implemented the following items:

For testing, your AppID should start with a "P" and your sfcode should be set to "cert".
Ensure the AppSDK initializes and the API events are enabled for Mobile TV Ratings (mTVR) and ID3.
Ensure that your mobile transcoding workflow is able to generate ID3 tags. The app player is able to fetch ID3-tags and the ID3-tags are enabled and passed to the AppSDK consistently.
Any interruptions or intermittence in the flow will cause delays in the testing process for all parties involved.
Ensure stop API for all scenarios where the video could be interrupted (e.g., alerts, alarm, calendar, incoming calls, killing the app, channel change, stop/pause, background/foreground, etc.).
Once playback resumes from any interruption scenario, the app should call play, loadMetadata, and sendID3 APIs.
Record the Device Identifier of your test device for your TAM. See last page of this guide for instructions.