Decoding SDK Release Notes

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Audio Decoder SDK v4.2.2 (04-26-2018)

  • CBET timestamp fix
  • Requires license file for CBET L1 detections

Audio Decoder SDK v4.2.1 (03-12-2018)

  • Adds NDASH, PAS, UNITAM, and DNA signatures

Audio Decoder SDK v4.1.0 (07-12-2017)

  • Adds CBET Local TV
  • Context callback added

Audio Decoder SDK v4.0.0 (04-24-2017)

  • Adds CBET watermarking
  • NAES2 HF updated to version 2.2
  • Adds QOE (CBET only)
  • Updated LInux to CentOS 6.8

Audio Decoder SDK v3.0.0 (05-24-2012)

  • Generate signatures when decoding/monitoring after encoding file based (Library VOD, VOD in TV Ratings)

Decoder SDK Monitor v1.2 (05/03/2019)

  • Memory leak fix
  • Documentation updates

Decoder SDK Monitor v1.1.4 (beta)

  • Simplified version of Audio Decoder SDK for OEM monitoring Watermarks and CBET Layer 5
  • Does not provide Timestamp info