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Steps to Release a Nielsen-enabled Application

The procedure to deploy a Nielsen-enabled player application into production comprises of five steps, as mentioned below.

Step 1: Client Onboarding

  • Client contacts Nielsen Client Service representative.
  • Nielsen Client Team helps the client identify the most suitable product / implementation (DCR / DTVR / DAR etc.) and Implementation type.
  • Nielsen Client Team provides the pre-requisites for the integration and the downloads needed.

Step 2: Submit details and Download SDK

Following are the steps that the client should follow to download the required SDK package.

  • Visit the Downloads section of this site.
  • Click the Download SDK button.
  • Fill-in the basic user details and select the Nielsen Service that you subscribe to.
  • Submit the details to view the License Agreement for downloading the SDK.
  • The details are submitted to Nielsen Technical Account Manager (Nielsen TAM)
  • Read through the terms of agreement. Click I ACCEPT THE TERMS OF AGREEMENT button to accept the terms.
  • The subsequent page will provide the links to download the SDK and the time-stamped copy of the license agreement (in PDF).
  • Download the required SDK (iOS / Android / Browser) and Release Notes.
  • Based on the details received from the client, Nielsen TAM performs the following checks and assigns an App ID for each application or website, and an sfcode to the client.
    • Whether all third-party vendors (transcoding, encoding, etc.) listed are certified by Nielsen (if applicable)
    • Whether the CMS variable mapping for data is correct / valid

Step 3: Integration

  • Develop the player application and integrate the SDK. Set the appid, the application name (appname), and assign a software version (appversion) to the application.
    • Nielsen TAM will provide support for any queries, troubleshooting etc. related to SDK.
  • Once the player application is developed with the SDK integrated, complete the Pre-Certification Checklist provided by Nielsen TAM and submit along with the application for certification.

Step 4: Certification

The certification process can take anywhere from 4 to 10 business days, depending on the app/website complexity and products being implemented.

  • Nielsen TAM performs sanity testing before submitting the application to Nielsen QA team.
  • Nielsen QA team will perform the required testing.
  • Upon QA sign-off, the player application will be certified and client will be notified that they are able to launch the app/website to production.

Step 5: Go Live

  • Ensure your App Store description is updated with a disclaimer informing users of Nielsen measurements.
  • Nielsen will perform post-launch data validations and inform clients of any discrepancies.