ID3 SDK Release Notes

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ID3 SDK v2.3.2 (07-20-2016)

  • Removed Mutex operations in software to allow for new TSX feature in hardware on new HASWELL INTEL CPU

ID3 SDK v2.3.0 (05-01-2015)

  • Fixes future date watermarks
  • Fixed debug statements format

ID3 SDK v2.2.0 (03-11-2015)

  • Fixes Daylight Savings Time bug
  • Mac OS X support added
  • Sanitized Manual

ID3 SDK v1.0.0 (04-01-2015)

  • Unique build implemented in DSP
  • Implemented with integer math as floating point math was not supported by DSP
  • Performance slightly degraded by forced use of integer math for FFT calculations

ID3 Tag Validator SDK v1.8 (10-24-2017)

  • Added MPEG-Dash processing options.
  • Integrated Audio SDK v4.0 for watermark detections
  • Updated Users Guide

ID3 Tag Validator SDK v1.7 (08-05-2016)

  • Added audio / id3 tag synchronization
  • Ignored other non-Nielsen ID3 tags