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Nielsen Audio Software Encoder

In today’s Audio landscape, radio stations encode their audio signals utilizing hardware provided by Nielsen placed in individual station’s equipment racks. This equipment adds the Nielsen inaudible code to the audio stream just prior to its being released. With the Audio Software Encoder Nielsen has launched a program to decouple its PPM Encoding Algorithm from the Nielsen Hardware Encoder it lives in today, and make it available for integration into 3rd party broadcasting equipment. When this software is incorporated into a station’s audio processing equipment, the Audio Software Encoder will be able to add the enhanced CBET code to the audio stream.

The move from hardware to software based encoding will provide greater flexibility as stations evolve their technology ecosystems, free up rack space in their facilities, and enable a move to cloud based workflows.

Nielsen actively works with audio processor vendors to provide clients with the various options to integrate. The certification process requires extensive testing to ensure the same rigor and quality Nielsen provides to our audio broadcasters will continue to be in place.

Key Benefits

  • Enables opportunity for PPM encoding in cloud based workflows
  • Brings audio encoding options in line with television encoding which have already realized the benefits of a software encoder
  • Reduces rack space
  • Simplifies broadcast station workflows

More Information

For more information contact your Audio Client Engineer at 1-866-767-7212, or email

Nielsen Radio Certified Vendors

OEM Vendor Product Product Version AM FM HD Internet Streaming Domestic International Radio Encoding
ATC Labs Perceptual SoundMax 2.12 1.1.7
Orban 5500i 4.0 1.1.7
Orban 5700i 3.0 1.1.7
Orban 8600si 1.1.7
Orban XPN 2.0 1.0.7
RCS Sound Software SoundCenter v0.0.1 1.1.7
Telos/Omnia Omnia 9 3.30.79 1.1.7
Telos/Omnia Omnia 9s 3.30.61 1.1.7
Telos/Omnia ZIP/stream X2 1.25.07 1.1.7
Telos/Omnia ZIP/stream R2 1.09.04 1.1.7
Thimeo Stereo Tool- Enterprise 10.0 1.1.7
Thimeo STXtreme (Hardware Processor) 10.1 1.1.7
Wheatstone Streamblade 1.0 1.1.7
Wheatstone X5 1.3.0 1.1.5
Wheatstone Wheatstream 1.0 1.1.7