Watermark Radio SDK Release Notes

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Watermark Radio SDK v1.1.7 (10-27-2020)

  • Document Pi (arm-32) package
  • Remove Selective Step-aside Log Info
  • Implement Streaming Sample App
  • Linux ARM compiler supported
  • Remove selective stepaside from SampleApp
  • SDK now gives "unsupported format" message for 64bit float
  • Fix SampleApp -u option restriction
  • Improved the inaudibility of the 44.1 kHz sampling rate to bring to the same level as the hardware encoders that are in general use

Watermark Radio SDK v1.0.7 (02-12-2020)

  • Initial Production release
  • Implements Critical Band Encoding Technology (CBET) code into content
  • Layer 1 and Layer 2 CBET encoding only