Watermark SDK Release Notes

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Watermark SDK v5.3.4 (05-23-2019)

  • Implements CBET TV v2 Technology
  • PPM for TV measurement encoding improvement
  • Added support for audio samples in float format

Watermark SDK v5.3.23 (04-24-2020)

  • Added user set time for pre-encoding
  • Namespace changes to allow compile with SDK v5.0.23

Watermark SDK v5.0.23 (11-04-2019)

  • Introduce CBET technology for non-linear watermarking for Library VOD
  • Introduce CBET technology for non-linear watermarking for Commercial encoding
  • Updated WRR to support CBET and BOC
  • Developer Guide has been updated for CBET support

Watermark SDK v5.0.4 (03-28-2018)

  • Added Time-bound evaluation license
  • Added mechanism for a Time Zone Offset (for watermarking timecode)
  • Broadcast Delay and DST support

Watermark SDK v4.2.1 (08-16-2017)

  • Checkdigit return fail when SID checkdigit fails
  • Added support for DISABLE_WATERMARKING process type
  • Linux real-time performance diagnostic and tracking improvement
  • Removed SID requirement for CBET only process type
  • Removed SID and distribution type default and return an error instead

Watermark SDK v4.1.1 (05-19-2017)

  • Added Support for CBET Encoding Layer 1(L1), Layer 2(L2) and Layer 5(L5)
  • Added Support for CBET Stepaside / Overwrite
  • Updated InfoSID SW version number SWID = 4

Watermark SDK v3.8.3 (08-01-2015)

  • Improved NWCC performance

VOD in TV Ratings Application v1.0.2.1