end (Browser)

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To capture and send the end of an ad or content

  • It is very important that the SDK calls stop at the end of content.
  • When the player does not send a stop call, Browser SDK will trigger the call, for every change in assetid. This stop call corresponds to the last loadMetadata call.
  • If an end is not issued, the subsequent pings remain in the queue until they are cleared upon a Browser close / refresh.


ggPM('57', playheadposition); // For VA users only

International (Germany) implementation

ggPM("end", playheadposition); // Except VA users

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
event end
playheadposition The exact position of playhead when streaming ended.


It is important to have a call for end for each ‘content’ asset played (but not for ads). Each sequence started with loadMetadata must eventually end with end to let SDK know the main content has ended.