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onPaginate is a slightly modified version of staticstart page to enable tracking of user’s focus in pages with continuous scrolling. onPaginate event provides the same behavior as staticstart keeping it local to only clients who wish to implement continuous scrolling.

The maximum number of static View pings allowed per session is ‘1’. This is enforced via the nol_maxPingCount parameter in the tag and the cadence of impression. When an onPaginate event is called at the end of section / a focus shift (within the same page), this filter will reset the current ping count to ‘0’ for the static View ping. This change of value will cause a new View ping when the Browser SDK receives the next staticPosition event (at the section end). This sequence continues through the end of scrolling or till the close of static page session.

Note: All pings fired require the page to be in focus.



ggPM("onPaginate", y-scroll position);

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
event onPaginate
y-scroll position The onPaginateDetected filter will run and reset the current View ping count value for the static page to ‘0’. A static View ping is fired when the next staticPosition event is received.


Static Event Parameter details Remarks
staticstart static metadata with unique assetId This is the View ping sent once the static page is loaded.
staticPosition number of seconds This is the static page heartbeat that continues through the session and acts as the qualifier. If current View ping count is ‘0’, a View ping (staticstart) is triggered upon receiving this event.
onPaginate y-scroll position When this is fired, the onPaginateDetected filter will run and reset the static pages current view count value to ‘0’.
staticEnd current elapsed static time Close of static page session.