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This API gets the current Nielsen opt-out state of AppSDK. Call this API to retrieve the Opt-Out or Opt-In state.

Note: This API is a blocking call and should not be called from main/ UI thread.


@property (readonly) BOOL optOutStatus

Input Parameters

Parameter Description

Output Parameters

Return value Description
YES If the user opts out through the Opt-Out web page

OR If ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ is turned ON (though user has not opted out through Opt-Out web page)

NO If SDK is in Opt-In state

AND If the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ is not turned ON.


  • The value of the userOptOut state is persisted across application launches on the shared preferences object local to the App SDK.
  • The Opt-Out status is internally managed and stored by the SDK. The App does not need to retain the value of SDK Opt-Out status.
  • The SDK will continue measurement even after the user has opted out from Nielsen measurement.