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Call play with the playheadPosition parameter to inform the SDK about the starting of a video.

  • Normally, this API should be called when the user taps Play button on the player.
  • Ability to pass the optional metadata information as a part of the metadata object.
    • The channel name field is a 32-character free-form text field containing the name of the program or feed being sent, such as ESPN2, Food Network, etc.


DTVR based implementation

ggPM("play", metadataObject);

International (Germany) implementation

ggPM("play", playheadposition);

ggPM('5', playheadposition); // For VA users only

DCR based implementation

ggPM("play", playheadposition);

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
event play
metadataObject CMS data to be sent as a JSON string in the format mentioned above.
"channelName": "mychannelname", “length: 3600"

This is optional.

playheadposition This is the position of the playhead while calling play.


The client can pass the metadata parameter, as agreed between the client and Nielsen. Refer to Notes in loadMetadata for more details.