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This API is a receiver for HLS & DASH timed metadata events (ID3 tags) provided through iOS’s NSNotificationCenter notification system. This API filters out Nielsen-specific ID3 tags from the system and buffers the data for transfer to Nielsen’s collection facility.


 (void) sendID3: (NSString *) data

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
data An NSString object that contains only the owner ID in the PRIV frame of an ID3 tag.

Output Parameters

Output Parameters (Return value) Description


  • During the HLS timed metadata event, only the PRIV frame’s owner ID of the payload (or a copy of the payload) from the NSNotificationCenter notification system shall be passed into this API. This API ignores any owner ID that does not pertain to Nielsen. Since ID3 tags are continuously streamed, every timed metadata event must be captured, stored, and transferred for accuracy of measurement.
  • It is not necessary for the player application to Enable / Disable the Nielsen App SDK component depending on whether Nielsen ID3 tags are present in the stream. This is handled automatically by the SDK