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This API will consume data from the timed metadata events (ID3 tags) provided by the video player. This API will not filter out non-Nielsen-specific ID3 tags, it will assume that the data received are ID3 tags; it will perform only a quick validation of the data delivered and cache all valid data for later transfer to Nielsen’s collection facility. The SDK will process only the Nielsen ID3 tags, and ignore non-Nielsen ID3 tags.


public void sendID3(String payload)

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
payload (Valid Nielsen ID3 tag) A string of 249 characters in length starting with the “” string.

Output Parameters

Output Parameters (Return value) Description


  • During the HLS timed metadata event, only the PRIV frame’s owner ID of the payload (or a copy of the payload) from the media player shall be passed into this API. This API ignores any owner ID that does not pertain to Nielsen. Since ID3 tags are continuously streamed, every timed metadata event must be captured, stored, and transferred for accuracy of measurement.