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Newly introduced in SDK version 5.0.0 for International (Germany), this method enables developers to control the debugging feature that generates the additional SDK logs from the device. Debugging feature can be used for SDK integration purposes only and NOT in production environment.

The developer debug level will be set based on the value passed into this method. This is equivalent to passing the nol_devDebug parameter during App SDK Initialization.


public static void setDebug(char debugState)

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
debugState Dev / Test environment: Pass a debug log level value (‘I’, ‘W’, ‘E’, or ‘D’) to enable debug logs and set the level of logging needed.
  • ‘I‘ (INFO): Displays the API calls and the input data from the application (validate player name, app ID, etc.). It can be used as certification Aid.
  • ‘W‘ (WARNING): Indicates potential integration / configuration errors or SDK issues.
  • ‘E‘ (ERROR): Indicates important integration errors or non-recoverable SDK issues.
  • ‘D‘ (DEBUG): Debug logs, used by the developers to debug more complex issues.

Production environment: Pass ‘A’ (LEVEL_DISABLE) to disable the debug log.

Output Parameters

Output Parameters (Return value) Description