staticstart (Browser)

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Use this event to send current ‘page’ metadata about the page being viewed. Pass this event to the SDK as soon as the page is loaded or that metadata is available. No other events are required for this type of content.


ggPM('14', metadataObject); // For VA users only

International (Germany) implementation

ggPM("staticstart", metadataObject); // Except VA users

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
event staticstart
metadataObject CMS data to be sent as an object in the format mentioned above for loadMetadata.
   type: "static",
   assetid: "static123",
   assetName: "Page-Asset",
   section: "siteSection",
   segA: "segmentA",
   segB: "segmentB",
   segC: "segmentC"


The availability of static tracking and the need to integrate this event with the site depends on subscription. Refer to Notes in loadMetadata for more details.