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Stops measurement progress. Call stop in following situations.

  • When user initiates content pause and the content can be resumed from the same position.
  • When current content is changing, such as a channel change (Call stop on current content and call play & loadMetadata on new content).
  • When content is interrupted by external app or process (phone call, Network loss + empty buffer, power / standby activated, alarm).
  • When an ad ends
  • Anytime when whole screen is occluded (for video content)
  • Norway Market-specific: It is very important that the SDK calls stop followed with end after a channel/ stream change.


 (void) stop

Input Parameters

Parameter Description

Output Parameters

Output Parameters (Return value) Description


  • It is very important that the application calls stop whenever necessary.
  • In case of a missing stop call, App SDK identifies the change to next play and inserts a stop call (functionally in the background). This allows the downstream systems to track the stop calls.