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Release (02-04-2019)

  • Removal of Location Module from SDK Code.
  • Fixed the getOptoutStatus() api, so that client can call it in main thread.
  • Fixed the parsing error happening when clientid/vcid provided as empty in metadata.
  • Align AppSDK for FW detection with BSDK for DCR measurement.
  • Other enhancement and fixes.

Release (9-13-2018)

  • Support added for Video On Demand in TV Ratings
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Release (5-24-2018)

  • If the SDK build target is set to AGF then SDK will send the hello ping to “eu” and “eu-uat” for debug builds. No changes to the non AGF build the default sfcode will continue to be "sdk" and "cert" for debug build.
  • The C1 parameter (NUID) will now be sent as encrypted DeviceID.
  • New SessionID changes. The sessionID will contain 29 length random characters appended by timestamp.
  • Support for multiple SDK instance without any limit.
  • New log feature for CAT tool to retrieve the API level information from client apps. This ping will contain the eventType, parameters, SDK version, appid etc.
  • Removed Viewability for this release.

Release (7-31-2017)

  • Genre parameter will be a part of DCR pings and the value is reflected as part of c44 parameter.
  • Merged adModel and adLoadType flags
  • Fix for stop event data carried to next session’s duration ping
  • Fix for last playhead call that is not processed (when there is no time-gap between the last playhead and end call)

Release (6-2-2017)

  • Enhanced support for Digital Audio
  • Ability to pass adloadtype as “linear” or “dynamic”
  • Ability to detect end of content and static material through duration pings
  • Acceptance of empty parameters with a warning message triggered, if a required parameter is missing
  • Acceptance of case-insensitive JSON key values
  • Configurable feature to show Ad view counts in the duration pings
  • Automatic Pause Detection and Debug build detection
  • Change of default ‘type’ from “ad” to “content”
  • Removal of “Static” Launch Ping for Non-Static product implementations
  • Fix for metadata carry over between channels after a channel change

Release (1-24-2017)

  • Ability to opt-out using “Limit Ad Tracking” feature
  • Improved CPU Performance through encryption process change
  • Opt-Out pages can be served based on user’s language and locale from device

Release (12-10-2016)

  • Support for Nielsen TV Brand Effect
  • Ability to set CMS parameters at a more global level
  • Collection of additional device information
  • Opt-out pages based on locale and country
  • Opt-out based on the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ flag
  • Issue a warning in client developer’s console when an ad is being played for more than 5 minutes
  • Reduced load time of Android SDK, caused due to encryption.
  • Limit the duration reported for App launch
  • Modification to accept non-JSON strings
  • Fixed
    • Incorrect DRM placement ID
    • DRM pings sent in bursts in case of time change

Release (10-19-2016)

  • Fixed an issue where SDK will send a burst of data pings in Android.

Release (9-1-2016)

  • Support for Android N
  • Usage of stop API call is made optional when switching between content or advertising occurs.
  • General bug fix and performance improvements

Release (8-1-2016)

  • Support for Pause timeout (from 30 minutes to 5 minutes)

Release (7-7-2016)

  • Sending event level (button press data) data to census collections.
  • Changes in OTT when switching from mobile to Chromecast
  • General bug fix and performance improvements

Release (4-25-2016)

  • Combined SDK for DCR US and International (Germany)
  • API to signal end of content (end API)
  • Changes to use of stop API
  • Support for OTT measurement
  • Support for Pause timeout
  • Offline viewing
  • Updated API to support JSON object instead of string.
  • Reporting of media URL and bundle ID
  • Updated ping retry logic
  • Changes in OptOut process behavioral
  • Enhanced Debugging and SDK logging
  • Changes to API signature
  • Introduced new API updateOTT to report current OTT status.

Release (6-9-2015)

  • Support for Nielsen DCR product (Digital Content Ratings)
  • All the products should be migrated to the latest SDK.
  • This SDK distribution does not have a native library component or shared object.
  • Support for Nielsen App static measurement
  • Support for Ad measurement
  • Removal of Native C++ code
  • Removed singleton restriction
  • Support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • General bug fix and performance improvements

Release (1-10-2015)