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| Participation Variety || PV
| Participation Variety || PV
| Popular Music || PM
| Popular Music || PC
| Private Detective  || PD
| Private Detective  || PD

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Engineering Portal breadcrumbArrow.png Digital breadcrumbArrow.png DCR & DTVR breadcrumbArrow.png DCR OTT Genre List

The OTT Genre list is used to populate the progen parameter only for OTT measurement. The Genre parameter should only be populated for video content that is not TV-originated.

Category Genre Code
Adventure A
Audience Participation AP
Award Ceremonies & Pageants  AC
Children’s Programming CP
Comedy Variety CV
Concert Music CM
Conversation, Colloquies CC
Daytime Drama DD
Devotional D
Documentary, General  DO
Documentary, News DN
Evening Animation EA
Feature Film FF
General Drama  GD
General Variety GV
Instructions, Advice  IA
Musical Drama MD
News N
Official Police OP
Paid Political P  
Participation Variety PV
Popular Music PC
Private Detective  PD
Quiz -Give Away QG
Quiz -Panel QP  
Science Fiction  SF 
Situation Comedy CS
Sports Anthology  SA
Sports Commentary  SC 
Sports Event  SE 
Sports News  SN 
Suspense/Mystery  SM
Western Drama EW