Digital Measurement Browser Testing Environment

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The purpose of the client testing environment is to provide clients with the ability to preview and test pre-release builds of the Nielsen SDK (BSDK) using the standard BSDK code. Only builds that have been approved by our QA team will be made available to the 'FutureMaster Environment'.

Enabling an APPID for FutureMaster

If you are interested in this pre-release testing feature, please reach out to your Technical Account Manager or Client Services Associate. This feature must be enabled at the APPID level before it can be used.

Testing Parameters

Once your APPID has been enabled for pre-release testing, you will be able to utilize an additional value pair labled: enableTesting

There will now be four parameters available during the SDK Initialization call:

Parameter Description Values
apid Unique ID assigned to player/site. PXXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX
instanceName Name of SDK instance Any string value
nol_sdkDebug: "debug" Enables Nielsen console logging. Only required for testing {nol_sdkDebug: "debug"}
enableTesting Enables FutureMaster Access enableTesting: 'true'
enableTesting: 'false'
// Sample SDK Initialization
var nSdkInstance = NOLBUNDLE.nlsQ('EXAMPLE-USER-ID-HERE-123456789', 'nlsnInstance', {
    nol_sdkDebug: "debug",
    enableTesting: 'true'

SDK Location

If during initialization nol_testingEnabled: 'true', and the APPID has been enabled for FutureMaster testing, then the Browser SDK will be download from the FutureMaster server, and all data will be sent to the certification servers.


Example in Action

Below are two pages showing the above in action.