Digital Measurement iOS Simplified API

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The Nielsen SDK is one of multiple framework SDKs that Nielsen provides to enable measuring linear (live) and on-demand TV viewing using TVs, mobile devices, etc. The App SDK is the framework for mobile application developers to integrate Nielsen Measurement into their media player applications. It supports a variety of Nielsen Measurement Products like Digital in TV Ratings, Digital Content Ratings (DCR & DTVR), and Digital Ad Ratings (DAR). Nielsen SDKs are also equipped to measure static content and can track key life cycle events of an application like:

  • Application launch events and how long app was running
  • Time of viewing a sub section / page in the application.

If the content being played contains ID3 tags, when played on a mobile device or within a browser, these tags can be sent to Nielsen for collection/processing via the Nielsen SDK.

VOD in TV Ratings (formally knows as Recently Telecast VOD) support is now available; however, you must notify us to ensure accurate reporting.

This guide covers implementation steps for iOS using Xcode utilizing the Standard Nielsen SDK for DCR.