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iOS app sdk version suffix

The Nielsen AppSDK has various configurations per market and distribution type, which can be determined by reviewing the sdk suffix. The first part will be the SDK version: 3 digits for the major SDK version and 1 digit for the minor SDK version. EG: ai.

Below are details of possible suffix characters with description.

Character Index in suffix Possible Values Description
0 (first character in suffix) g,a and v g means it's the GLOBAL flavored sdk (Default).
a means the build was designed for AGF.
v identifies the VRI flavoured sdk.
1 (second character in suffix) a,s and l a means Artifactory Cocoapods/SPM/Carthage
s Standard Framework.
l Adobe Launch Extension.
2 (third character in suffix) s or d s means Static Linking.
d means Dynamic Linking.
3 (fourth character in suffix) a,n or k a means AdSupport is included.
n AdSupport is NOT included
k No IDFA or IDFV (kids framework).
4 (fifth character in suffix) t and o tinstantiated using NielsenEventTracker class.
o means sdk is getting instantiated using AppSdk class (Default).
5 (sixth character in suffix) h,w,r and n h then sdk supports Hybrid Webviews.
w identifies React Native Webview support.
r sdk supports React Native standard bridge.
n means sdk supports Native apps.
6 (seventh character in suffix) t,i,m and c t then sdk running on tvOS.
i sdk running on iOS App on iPhone or iPad.
m sdk running on iOS App on Mac M1.
c means sdk running on Catalyst App.

Here is an example of a possible suffix in app sdk meter version

  • ai.
    • Sdk version with Global flavor
    • integrated as a cocoapod
    • supporting Dynamic Framework
    • Adsupport
    • AppSdk class to instantiate
    • supporting native apps
    • running on iOS App on iPhone or iPad.