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Nielsen Audio Code Analysis Tool (NACAT)— is a software that captures audio, decodes Nielsen audio codes, logs and displays the information to the user. The Nielsen EVS department uses the NACAT application for monitoring, assisting in troubleshooting and verifying NAVE encoder installations. The primary information that is decoded by NACAT are program content (PC), final distributor (FD), time stamp, encoded channel (left or right), source identification number (SID), type of encoding (commercial or non-commercial) and DST or standard time.

This version supports Nielsen Watermarks and the legacy NAES II codes. Also, the users can now audit an audio file played, using a media application on their PCs. Launch NACAT and then play the file on PC to see the codes found in the file. The user can even mute their speakers while NACAT decodes the audio codes.



  • User Manual

Software Updates

  • NACAT installer for Windows