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This document outlines the features of the new Simplified Nielsen SDK, which is available for use within your APP or online video site, which simplifies the integration of Nielsen measurement for Digital Content Ratings or DTVR. You are only required to execute one of 4 events. Tell the SDK if you want to track 'content', an 'ad', or a 'static' page load. If an event is sent out of sequence, this new API will put it in the correct order for processing. All of the Standard SDK calls can be replaced with one API call, and one dictionary object, where any value could be another complex dictionary object.

Simplified Implementation

Only 4 events with the Simplified SDK. Order of calls no longer important.

Key Description

It is used to pass content, ad or static metadata, the current playhead value, UTC timestamp or id3 payload, ott information to the SDK.


This event should be used to in the following cases: application enters background, any application interruptions, content playback is paused. (Pause is detected by SDK automatically only if time gap between commands in more than 30 minutes.)


It is called when session is completed or ends.


Should be called at the end of each ad. This event type is required to handle the case when advertisements could not be distinguished, as its assetId is the same.

Single object holds all the data

All the data provided in the older API in separate calls will be provided in one single call. Format of input object is the following:

 "event": <event identifier>,
 "type": <type of metadata>,
   "content": <content metadata object>,
   "ad": <ad metadata object>,
   "static": <static metadata object>
 "playheadPosition":<playhead value | UTC>,
 "id3Data": <id3 payload>,

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