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SpoTTrac® is a turnkey, PC-based solution that encodes Audio/Video (AV) content with Nielsen content identification information. Nielsen Tracking Services is syndicated offering for advertising agencies, advertisers, public relations companies, broadcasters, producers, and non-profit organizations. It is designed to support the SIGMATM and Keeping Trac™ applications. SpoTTrac® incorporates audio and video technology for broadcast verification of commercials, PSAs, electronic press kits and other spots.

Audio Watermarking and Video Encoding

SpoTTrac® integrates both audio watermarking and video encoding in a single pass. By utilizing redundant technologies, Nielsen delivers the most reliable detections in analog and digital broadcasting.

Streamlined Process – to Reporting

SpoTTrac® captures the input audio/video via the analog or SDI interfaces. After the inputs are captured, buffered, and processed, SpoTTrac® outputs the audio/video for recording in real time. This real-time, pass-through encoding allows a single-pass encoding session to encode a multi-reel tape.

The user interface complements the workflow of encoding a multi-reel tape. While the current spot is being encoded, information is entered for the next spot and is ready to be encoded.

The system automatically provides metadata including encoding statistics and client data (e.g. ISCI, Ad-ID, SID/Date/Time) for automated spot monitoring and reporting. SpoTTrac® transfers a tracking information file to the Nielsen data facility at the end of each session.

Note: An internet connection is required for software upgrades and transfer of encoded statistics.