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Decoder Monitor SDK is offered to Nielsen OEMs who are creating a system to monitor Nielsen audio codes (both NAES and CBET).  Instead of delivering a detailed report of each detected audio code, the Monitor SDK issues, at one-minute intervals, a list of audio codes detected since the last report.  

Each audio code is identified only by its type (CBET + layer number; NAES 2/6 + PC/FD/CC/HF identifier), its station ID (SID/CSID), and the last valid timestamp received. The SDK does not report stacked/unstacked designator or any other audio-code details that are typically reported by traditional Nielsen decoders.

At one-minute intervals, the SDK also delivers any alarms that apply. It logs status and error messages as they arise.

  • Output is a simplified reporting using a JSON string format
  • Output is on a timed interval of 60 seconds