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In the face of rapidly changing technology, capturing a truly representative sample of audience viewing is a growing challenge. With pervasive access to computers, tablets, and smart phones, more and more people are streaming content on devices other than television sets. In order to measure audience viewing of such streaming content, Nielsen has extended its content-coding technology to include the carriage of NAES watermarks within ID3v2 Tags. These ID3 tags are inserted into MPEG-2 transport streams in compliance with industry standards.

The Nielsen ID3-tag inserter is always positioned downstream form a NAES encoder in the content-distribution chain because Nielsen ID3 tags are derived from NAES watermarks.


As with watermark encoders, ID3-tag inserters may be placed at several different points in the processing chain. In the above figure, an ID3-tag inserter is placed at the site of the content originator, where a NAES encoder inserts PC watermarks into the audio stream. A NAES decoder finds the watermarks and passes them to the ID3 tag-inserter.

Below figure shows a tag-inserter that is placed in a content-distribution facility (a cable operator or NOC, for example). At the distribution facility, a NAES encoder inserts FD watermarks, and then passes the stream to the ID3-tag inserter. The stream may pass through several content-distribution points before reaching the home.


After the content has been watermarked and tagged, it is transmitted to the home, where it may be viewed on TV and/or sent via Wi-Fi to computers and mobile devices. The computers and mobile devices send the ID3 tags back to Nielsen for crediting



Software Updates


Transcoder Certificate Test Stream – Channel Switching

(Commonly used for Live Linear streams)

Transcoder Certificate Test Stream – Non-Channel Switching

(Commonly used for VOD assets)