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The NWE-TS is the ideal solution for inserting Nielsen Watermarks into the audio of television programming that is carried in an ATSC Transport Stream (TS).

Refer to NWE-3GA for more information on how to watermark uncompressed audio in SDI or AES3 signals.

NWE-TS Nielsen Watermarks Encoder for ATSC Transport Streams

The timestamp structured watermarks make use of the “SID” (Source Identifier), which is a serial number used by Nielsen and the television industry to uniquely identify program content, to ensure proper crediting of viewing.

The NWE-TS accepts a DVB-ASI input, containing a 19.39 Mbps ATSC TS. It applies the watermark to up to 10 user-selected audio streams which can be 5.1-channel surround, stereo or mono. All watermarked audio streams are reinserted into the output TS with the same timing relative to the video as they had upon arrival at the NWE-TS input. It can be configured to assign different SID values to each of the selected audio streams, making it suitable for use with both single-program and Multi-Program Transport Streams (MPTS).

The NWE-TS includes a TS delay buffer, to ensure proper audio-video synchronization. The ASI interface provides relay bypass, allowing the TS to pass transparently through the unit when power is off or when the bypass has been activated by the front-panel pushbutton.

The timestamp included in the watermark data can be synchronized to either SMPTE 12M unbalanced LTC or network time obtained via the network connection from an NTP server.

NWE-TS Nielsen Watermarks Encoder for ATSC Transport Streams Flow Diagram

NWE-TS diagram.jpg


  • 270 MHz ASI path, with bypass relay protection
  • Accepts any 19.39 Mbps ATSC ASI Transport Stream, including MPTS
  • Watermarks up to 10 audio programs
  • Transparent to PSI, PSIP, and all elementary streams except the watermarked audio streams
  • 1RU Linux-based server platform with SLC SSD (Solid State Disk) for high reliability
  • LTC unbalanced input
  • Dashboard control, with selectable alarming
  • Front-panel bypass control and LED indicators for system status
  • 3-year transferable warranty
  • Can be paired with a Ross Video ASI-310 dual converter for watermarking of a SMPTE 310 TS


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