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The VOD in TV Ratings Content Encoder (the Encoder), formerly RTVOD, watermarks audio content of a VOD (Video on Demand) asset. In a nutshell, the Encoder reads input from an audio file, generates an encoded file and sends metadata to the Nielsen Collection Facility (CF).

The Nielsen Watermark VOD in TV Ratings Encoding Application provides a set of software tools to watermark specific types of audio content with VOD in TV Ratings Nielsen codes. The VOD in TV Ratings flag is a Final Distributor Nielsen watermark, for example, “NW FD” codes with a fixed SID (32755 or 32756) that indicates live telecast plus 3 days (C3) or live telecast plus 7 days (C7). It is used by the Nielsen backend system.

VOD in TV Ratings flags (C3 or C7) are applied only to the pre-watermarked (encoded for linear TV) asset in the second or third slots. These VOD in TV Ratings flags cannot be applied to clean content or fully encoded content. For file based content, VOD in TV Ratings metadata (feedpoint) should be sent to the TIC CF – Metadata. VOD in TV Ratings flag encoding will apply only to NW FD codes. It will not insert N2, N2HF, NWCC, or InfoSID codes, moreover, SID and check digit are not required for VOD in TV Ratings watermarking since they are already embedded in the library.

The VOD in TV Ratings Encoding Application is applied to MPEG-2 video files with AC3 audio. VOD in TV Ratings Encoding Application supports ONLY the AC3 audio transport stream. The AC3 audio transport stream file extensions are *.mpg, *.m2t, *.trp, and *.ts.

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