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This notice is to remind Nielsen clients that the End-of-Sale for the Wegener Nielsen Audio Video Encoder (NAVE) IIC product was January 1, 2013. Wegener ceased production of the NAVE llc in February of 2014.

End-of-Support Notification

End-of-Support for the Wegener NAVE IIC product will be January 1, 2017. Nielsen is strongly advising all Wegener NAVE llc Clients to take immediate action to acquire a replacement solution as soon as possible. Starting on January 1st 2017, neither Nielsen, nor Wegener will continue to support this product. Neither party will provide in-depth troubleshooting, root cause failure analysis or repairs and loaner encoders will no longer be provided.

Nielsen provided a product notification in July of 2015 informing our Clients that the product was reaching end of service and advising them to plan for hardware replacement accordingly. Many of these units are now over 10 years old and have surpassed their serviceable life. There are also very few (if any) components available to repair them. Replacement Solutions

The Ross Video Nielsen Watermark Encoder – Transport Stream (NWE-TS) is the direct replacement solution for inserting Nielsen Watermarks into the audio of television programming that is carried in an ATSC transport stream. Ross also has a non-compressed domain solution available, complete NWE-TS product information is available on the Ross Video website at

If you or your engineers have any questions or require support, please contact Nielsen Encoder Support at (800) 537-4872.


WEGENER® NAVE IIc™ Nielsen Audio Encoder is the first industry product to encode the Nielsen proprietary NAVE™ identification information into a compressed ATSC transport stream. Nielsen's proprietary audio watermarking was introduced as a way to identify and track program content for TV rating purposes. This technology plays a key role in Nielsen’s Active/Passive metering initiative because it is both transport and consumer electronics agnostic, surviving intact through the entire broadcast distribution process.

Digital Program Distribution

As more and more television stations migrate their transmissions to the FCC’s mandated ATSC DTV service, new network distribution models are being deployed where program content is distributed in compressed ATSC format from the network origination source through the local network affiliate and then on to the consumer’s home. In these environments, ATSC stream multiplexers are employed by the affiliate TV stations to add local programming.

Supporting Compressed Transport Streams

The WEGENER® NAVE IIc™ expands upon NMR’s audio coding capabilities by supporting the ability to code pre-compressed MPEG-2 transport streams. The WEGENER® NAVE IIc™ encoder will insert NMR data into MPEG-2 Multi-Program Transport Streams compliant with the US ATSC standard.

This product is no longer available for purchase and the current software is the last available for this product. Please plan a technology refresh for this product.


Software Updates

  • NAVE IIC Firmware v3.4.15