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This notice is to remind Nielsen clients that the End-of-Sale for the Norpak/Ross Nielsen Audio Video Encoder (NAVE) II product was in 2013, and the product has been discontinued.

End-of-Support Notification

End-of-Support for the Norpak/Ross NAVE II Nielsen Encoder product will be January 1, 2017. Nielsen is strongly advising all Norpak/Ross NAVE ll Clients to take immediate action to acquire a replacement solution as soon as possible. Starting on January 1st 2017, neither Nielsen nor Ross will continue to support this product. Neither party will provide in-depth troubleshooting, root cause failure analysis or repairs and loaner encoders will no longer be provided.

Nielsen provided a product notification in July of 2015 informing our Clients that the product was reaching end of service and advising them to plan for hardware replacement accordingly. Many of these units are now over 8 years old and there are very few (if any) components available to repair them.

Replacement Solutions

Customers are strongly urged to upgrade to the current NWE-3GA encoder platform to ensure continued hardware and software support. The NWE-3GA is an Open-Gear card-based Nielsen Watermarks Encoder, which is the recommended replacement for the NAVE II. Ross also has a solution for Clients interested in Nielsen Watermarking at the Transport Stream level, the Ross NWE-TS. Complete information is available using the links below

Complete product information is available on the Ross Video website at

If you or your engineers have any questions or require support, please contact Nielsen Encoder Support at (800) 537-4872.


The NES9, or NAVE II, encoder supports VBI encoding in SMPTE 259 video, VANC encoding in both SMPTE 259 and SMPTE 292 and also expands upon Nielsen’s audio coding technology by increasing the watermarking capability to 12 AES channels or 16 embedded audio channels. Mixed mode embedded and non-embedded (AES) audio configurations are possible, and the unit can be configured to support up to two simultaneous Dolby 5.1 audio streams. A core part of the familiar "SID" data is carried in the audio to allow SID data to survive VBI-stripping by compression systems and new video formats.

The "SID" (Source Identifier) is a second-by-second serial number used by Nielsen and the television industry to uniquely identify program content to ensure proper crediting of viewing.

NAVE II was specifically designed for standard and high definition digital plants, with embedded or non-embedded (AES) audio. Possible locations include broadcast television stations (digital and analog), broadcast and cable network operation centers, other program uplink facilities, and other distribution sources delivered to television households. This unit is usually installed in the output chain, after all switching and routing is completed. The optional captioning software module, which supports EIA-608B VBI captioning in 259 and EIA-708B captioning in both 259 and 292 video, provides a very inexpensive way for users to add HD captioning. A companion Ross Video unit, the Nielsen Universal Reader, will decode and display the SID data to allow users to verify the encoded information.

This product is no longer available for purchase and the current software is the last available for this product. Please plan a technology refresh for this product.


Software Updates

  • NAVE II Firmware v38
  • NAVE II Manager